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The Easylyte is a fully automated electrolyte analyser with even automated
calibration. Ion Selective Electrode method used gives incomparable report in
one minute. Built-in print out and having report storage capacity of 200
samples is an important feature.

The Analyser is used for the measurement of sodium, potassium and lithium
in serum, plasma whole blood and urine.

The Esylyte is designed for fast efficient use and provides clinically accurate
analysis to patient diagnosis and treatment.

ESYLYTE measures Na+ and K+ using Ion Selective Electrode (ISE)
technology. A comparative method of measurement is utilized. First the
analyzer measures the potential developed when the sample is pumped
through the electrodes. The difference in the two potential is related
logarithmically to the concentrations of ions in the sample divided by their
respective concentrations in the standard solutions. Since the difference of
potentials and the concentrations of the ions in the standard solutions are
known the analyzer can calculate the concentrations of ions in the sample. It
aspirates standard A and standard B. Standard A is once more aspirated and
measured and two standard A readings are compared for the drift and each
measurement is checked for instability. The slope is calculated from the
difference between Standard A & B readings.

Whole blood /Serum/Plasma - 100µl
Urine - 400µl Diluted urine (1:10) and 60µl capillary
Analyzing time for blood - 55 sec
Analyzing time for urine - 90 sec
Storage capacity-125 patient results
Calibration - Automatic or on Demand