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"Mullackals", West Nada (Fort), & Parassala, Trivandrum, Kerala - 69600.

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Tel: +91 7034707700 Email:info@mullackals.com

"Mullackals" was founded on 10th July, 2007 to take over two medical retail shops  
and two diagnostic centers at West Nada (Fort) and Parassala in the capital city of
God's Own Country:  Our beautiful Kerala.

Within a span of two brief years, we have grown into one of the biggest pharmacy
retail chains and clinical diagnostic locations in and around Trivandrum City.

At our pharmacies,  you will be able to fill the necessary prescription as well as
non-prescription medicines along with all medical supplements required for your

Our pharmacies are fully computerized and every sale is a registered sale and billed
accordingly. Our bill receipts are approved for reimbursement by the State and
Central Government agencies.

At "Mullackals",  we are proud to say that we will never say 'we don't have it'.  If any
medicine is out of stock, our purchase department will procure it and deliver it to you
at home at no extra cost within twenty four hours.

We are in the process of reaching every corner of Trivandrum city....soon, God Willing,
there will be a "Mullackals" at your doorstep

Our diagnostic centres are equipped with state-of-the-art equipments to aid and
assist medical diagnosis ranging from simple blood test equipments to Doppler Color
Scans, Fully Automatic imported Analyzers and other diagnostic testing machines.  

Our well qualified and trained staff is always here to welcome you and cater to all
your diagnostics needs.

We pride ourselves for giving you value for your money by offering the best services
in a very timely manner at costs substantially lower than our competitors.  

Our Diagnostic centers are approved service providers for CGHS employees, bank
employees, and other central and state government agencies.

Just our way of saying thanks for using the services of "Mullackals".
Pharmacy & Diagnostic Clinics